Wednesday, 4 November 2009

returning from rome

So I have returned from Rome feeling a little more cultured and a lot more sick. I some how caught a chest infection on the flight over there (which was delayed for 3hours btw) and I just can't shift it. I also feel a lot more melancholy. Not being in England made me forget how crap everything is over here right now and coming back was a cruel reminder- but ho hum.

Halloween however did cheer me up. :)

It was possibly the first time in my recollection that I was not the most sluttily dressed in the club :P woohoooooo! xx

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Stick on bras

I wasn't going to venture out tonight, namely because of the crap week I've had, but I've always been easily persuaded so now I'm off to a birthday party. (I haven't seen the host for proably 8 years but nevermind!)

Anyway, I found this dead cute dress in Topshop ( a little black velvet 'belt' type dress) but it's completely backless. A problem for me since I'm breasticly challenged and not wearing a bra makes me look like a very tall 12 year old boy. Disaster.

But in the changing room I spot a friend of mine trying on an identically shaped dress (with her jeans still round her ankles I might add) and she told me to go for a stick on bra. Apparently they really do work.

I'm not so sure. I've bought one. I've tried it on, and it does stick - but for how long? It's not the most secure bra ive ever worn (but then the other week I went out with two on so maybe I'm not the most logical of judges). And on top of this - its not exactly the most sexy piece of lingere I own :P

I guess tonight will be the teller - either that or I'll just wear something else! :P

Friday, 23 October 2009

Long Time no post

So I haven't written anything for the last...what - 7 months maybe? Mainly because the thing was no longer being assessed and I had other pieces of work to concentrate on, but also, well I just ran out of things to say, (well maybe not things to say but relevant things about journalism to say!)

AND when marked apparently I used to many exclamation points - so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha! !!!!!!!!! I'm clearly to dramatic for journalism :P

But I'm going to try and start keeping it up to date again - not because I have any profound words of wisdom - most definitely the opposite - but because I need a release.

So today I went with my auntie and visited my mums surgeon, we thought maybe a few more answers might make the grieving process a little easier. It didn't. In fact in many respects I feel terrible.

I always thought that knowing the truth about situations makes them easier to bear - but in this occasion - knowing that the Dr had never had a patient come through what my mum had really didn't help. Knowing that know one really knew how to treat what she had didn't really help. And knowing that maybe she knew just how serious her condition was without telling me really, really didn't help.

It just made me feel a whole lot worse.

On a positive note I completely love disney films - and anyone who doesn't is old! Sword in the Stone rocks my world!!!!

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The future of magazines

Last night me and a couple of my friends went to a talk on 'the future of magazines'. Fun times. 

We went for free (something to do with our university sponsoring the event) but everyone else there paid £25 a ticket!!!!!!!! All i can say is UNLUCKY! 

It was an average talk (not worth £25) but free wine, crisps and minsterals were definitely the highlight! (and our uber sexy name badges of course)

Oh and the future for magazines???? They're fine.

Monday, 2 March 2009

My lent 'challenge'

well hello! as I am sitting here I'm eating jelly belly jelly beans- an invigorating experience! So far I'm doing well- the only mank flavour I've had is grapefruit (normally i end up with a mouth full of aniseed and toothpaste).

Neway having spent the week editing our uni news website ( if your interested- your probably not)  I havn't had time to tell of what I'v given up for Lent (and how I'm going to cheat at it)

First of all, I've given up having "coffee and a cake together in the canteen at uni". I can have coffee  OR  a cake at uni, or I cant have coffee AND a cake not at uni, but not both at the same time at uni.

I think i should be able to manage that quite easily don't you? (Indeed today I coped fine-I had a coffee and dolly mixtures instead!)

My 2nd sacrifice APPEARS more hard core.....but it's not.

I'm giving up alcohol.


Jesus only spent 40 days and nights in the wilderness, there are 46 days in lent. Vis a vi I have 6 free drinking passes to use whenever I like! and considering I normally only drink once....maybe twice a week anyway.....I don't really think I'll be any worse off! Excellent!

I wonder if there's anything else lame I can give flavoured jelly bean perhaps??? ewwwww.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My anti valentines day

Now I have never been fond of valentines day, whether i'm in the singleton camp, permanantly attached to someone else, or in a blurry confusseled place between the two.

I don't like it when i'm single because obviously im bitter and just want to throw up every time I see a heart or a rose. 


I also hate it when i'm not because I truly do not believe you should have just one day to say that you love someone. It's something that should be done everyday not once a year. And for the same reason I'm not a fan of anniversaries, so what you've been together 2 years, 3 years....why congratulate yourselves for that? If your with someone you should treasure them all the time! not take them for-granted 364 days a year and be nice to them once to even it out!

Anyway, having split up with my bf at christmas, yesterday I was a bitter and twisted singleton all morning, then promptly forgot all about it at the prospect of an 'anti valentines day skool girl' party me and my friends were having that evening. (By some stroke of 'luck'-is that really the right word??-we all seemed to be single)

So determined to get very drunk and have a good night we started partying around 8.30, and pretty much forgot entirely about it being valentines day and got incredibly drunk, and played a lot of singstar.

It was only when we went out that we were reminded of what losers we were.

The club was dead.....and filled with particularly desperate looking men....perhaps we looked desperate too?eek? and it then occurred to me that no one else was out because everyone else....i mean everyone....the whole town practically (minus a few freaks)-has a significant other.

Or at least someone they could call up so they didn't feel too pathetic on valentines day.

So there wasn't much atmosphere in Bakers.....but it being half empty had some huge bonus points from when i was standing
1 every song i requested (no matter how crap) was played
2 every shout out i had was, well, shouted out lol
3 I could bust some amazing moves without jumping on top of someone and causing a pile up
4 No queue for the bar.

So after feeling momentarily pathetic-I had an amazing night!

The only thing missing was the lack of male talent......but then since I'm seriously contemplating becoming a lesbinim, that didn't really bother me :P

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

9021 0h no!

90210, America's richest postcard-with America's skinniest legs. These girls are tooooooooooo skinny, (well not Annalynne Macord-Naomi Clark she has a beautiful figure and looks healthy) but Shenae Grimes (Annie Wilson) and Jessica Stroup (Silver), ewww.

Don't get me wrong these girls are very gorgeous.....until your eyes drop past their hips. Their legs are literally like twiglets-spindely and boney and to be honest not remotely attractive. Basically they are too thin.

Now , clearly the show wants to show these girls off to their full potential, so either make them put on 5lb a piece or keep them in jeans because toothpick look is not a good one.

Nor is it helpful to promote a bodytype that so clearly is the result of under eating.

Stand these two girls next to the original 90210 cast, and wow! Stand these two girls next to Shannen Doherty and Tori Spelling from the original cast and the older generation look positively obese.....and we all know they're not. Tut.